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Dahl Sweden Mobile
Technology AB
Wennerbergsgatan 10
112 58 Stockholm
+46 8 595 007 70

Sören alm
Co-founder/ CEO
+46 8 595 007 71
+46 72 402 17 42

Stefan Ahlén
Business Manager
+46 8 595 007 71
+46 72 402 17 42


Robin Dahl
Co Founder / Chairman
+86 134 185 033 50



Nathan E. Brown
Dahl Mobile Technology (PTY) Ltd
+27 82 320 3540



Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology was founded in 2011 by Robin Dahl and Sören Alm when the two entrepreneurs joined forces with a shared vision to continually develop and produce smart phones and tablets with Swedish design and quality that would be available for everyone.

So far, this aim has lead to the creation of the ever growing ”InTouch”-series for smart phones as well as a brand new Swedish tablet, the InTab Mini and the InTime  smartwatch.

After moving to USA in 1998, Robin Dahl began producing his first GSM-phones in cooperation with Texas Instruments. During his time there, he participated in the making of several models that were sold on the global market.

Today, Robin lives and works in China where over the last ten years, he has learned everything there is to know about design, manufacturing, quality control, and systematic testing procedures. It is Robins invaluable network and knowledge that makes it possible to develop and expand the brand.

Sören Alm ran his own judicial firm in Stockholm for nearly thirty years before deciding to commit solely to the development of Dahl Mobile. With his vast experience and network of international business contacts, Sören now focuses on promoting the brand, protecting its immaterial rights, finding business partners, and planning for the future.