13th February 2019


Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ) "Dahl of Sweden" launches E-commerce function on its website.



Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ) ”Dahl of Sweden” has integrated online shopping on our website, www.dahlmobile.com



"Dahl of Sweden" now offers customers the convenience to buy the company's products direct through our global website with easy international payment and shipping. This is done as a preparation for upcoming campaigns and launches and makes us more independent and gives customers the opportunity to experience Dahl of Sweden's Quality and Value in an easier way.


Dahl People+


" We have now finally taken the step in the online store world, this is done to facilitate our prospective customers around the world and simplify for them to be able to buy our products. In many places we have met respect, interest and a desire to do business with us, in which cases we will continue the initiated partnerships but now we can also reach the markets where we have so far failed to attract interest through the established sales channels” says Sören Alm (CEO)

För ytterligare information kontakta:
DAHL Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ)
Sören Alm, VD soren.alm@dahlmobile.com
Telefon: +46 (0)724 021 742

alternativt gå in på www.dahlmobile.se

Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ) med varumärket ”Dahl of Sweden” utvecklar, tillverkar och säljer smartphones, surfplattor, laptops samt kringutrustning med Svensk kvalitet och Svensk design på den globala marknaden. Utvecklingen drivs hela tiden av ett nytänkande och ambitionen är att alltid räknas som en av de tio främsta i världen både kvalitetsmässigt och beträffande teknisk höjd. Bolaget ska inom två år vara ett etablerat varumärke på den internationella marknaden för smartphones.