"Dahl of Sweden" has received orders worth about SEK 17,500,000 from a new customer in Southeast Asia.


"Dahl of Sweden" received at the end of last week a first start order worth about 17, 5 million kronor from a new customer operating in Southeast Asia and India. The order means that we immediately start manufacturing our premium model Dahl Vision and Dahl InTouch P +. The order is the first of several planned from the same customer and will then be expanded to include our feature phone Dahl InTro.

Dahl InTro will soon be launched in parts of the giant Indian market.

"The customer we received the purchase order from is active in several Asian markets, which makes it extra interesting as soon as large volumes are concerned. That we also signed an order that includes more of our models is very pleasing. We are looking forward to cooperation for the benefit of both parties, "says Sören Alm (CEO)

For further information, please contact:
DAHL Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ)
Sören Alm, VD
Phone: +46 (0)724 021 742

Alternatively go to: www.dahlmobile.com

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