The Swedish mobile manufacturer "Dahl of Sweden has delivered its first order to Morocco.


Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ) "Dahl of Sweden" has recently delivered the first of several orders to Morocco.


The Swedish company Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ), which develops and manufactures mobile phones, tablets and peripherals under its own brand "Dahl of Sweden", had previously signed an agreement for distribution in Morocco and has now delivered it's initial order. This first order was for the models Dahl InTro and Dahl People +, the first delivery has been made successfully for 10,000 units, the next delivery is expected to take place in the month of January / February.This initial delivery will help establish our presence and strengthen our brand globally and above all in the northwestern part of Africa.

“We have now delivered our first regular order to North-West Africa, the production and delivery has been carried out without any problems, this is very gratifying as it is more the rule than the exception that problems arise when implementing the initial orders. Due to over booked cargo before Christmas and the New Year's holidays, our delivery was delayed approximately two weeks but it has now arrived in Casablanca as confirmed by the freight forwarding company” says Sören Alm (CEO)

For further information, please contact:
DAHL Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ)
Sören Alm, CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 724 021 742

alternatively go to www.dahlmobile.se

Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ) with the brand "Dahl of Sweden" develops, manufactures and sells smartphones, tablets, laptops and peripherals with Swedish quality and Swedish design in the global market. The development is constantly driven by a new thinking and the ambition is to always be considered as one of the top ten in the world both in terms of quality and in terms of technical height. Within two years, the company will be an established brand in the international market for smartphones.